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Covid 19 Student Policy

This form must be read and submitted before student begins lessons

Addition to Student Policy


Due to the Covid 19 restrictions we have put in some new policies:

  1. All students must wear a mask when they enter the building and wear it the entire time they attend his or her lesson or class.

As a reminder, face coverings are an important part of preventing the transmission of the coronavirus. It is important to wash your hands before or after you put on, take off, or adjust your face covering. A face covering should have two or more layers, and needs to be worn over both the nose and the mouth. Cloth face coverings should be washed every day.

All students and instructors will follow the 6 feet social distancing guidelines.  There will be markings on the floor and chairs, music stands and instruments will be set by the instructor to be in compliance. 


  1. Daily student health screen: Before student attends lesson we are asking parent or guardian to check temperature and screen for any other symptoms of Covid 19.  If student has a fever or is showing symptoms lesson is to be cancelled.  Please see chart if you have any questions. 

 Covid-19 FC

  1. Student or parent must wait in their car until they get the all clear from instructor. This is important because we are required to wipe down surfaces and in some cases spray an aerosol cleaner after each lesson.  We have to have a 15 minute wait period before any new student can enter a room where a lesson or interaction has taken place. 


  1. At this time we are unable to offer any vocal instruction which includes singing while playing piano, guitar or any other instrument.


  1. We ask that students be respectful of their surroundings and avoid touching surfaces that are not part of the lesson. Avoid touching walls as you walk down the hall, desks, chairs, or tables that are not part of the interaction with instructor. 


  1. Only those that are attending a lesson can be in the building. Please head directly to your assigned room.  There will be no waiting room available at this time. 


We appreciate your compliance with new policies.  We understand that we are asking a lot from you, we are trying to not only keep all our students and instructors safe and healthy but we also must protect all those that we share the church building. 



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