Columbia River Music Conservatory
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Flute Workshop

Columbia River Music Conservatory

Flute Workshop

Fall/Winter 2019-2020


A beautiful tone, strong, accurate, smooth technique and a sense of musicality is what we want as instrumental musicians. These attributes are what help us participate in music at the highest level that we can.


As flutists we know that it takes some work focusing on the many facets of each of these parts of our playing. This adult flute workshop, which is open to all levels of players, only requires that you come willing to learn, push yourself some and head toward that elusive goal of "getting better".

Flutist Suzanne Carr will take you step by step through the many facts of tone, technique and musicality touching on a part of each one during each month’s class. You will take away information, exercises and music to work on to move ahead with your playing. The next month will build on the previous month and add to your confidence and ability as a flutist.

Suzanne understands that we all learn at our own speed and yet will also attempt to challenge all levels of players.

Come join us.

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