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  Youth Choir 

We are currently suspending Youth Choir for Fall Term.  Please contact us with questions.





When & where do the children practice?


¯ The choir rehearses weekly at the Conservatory. 

¯ There will be public performances... 




The Choir will

Minimum Enrollment: 10 

Tuition: $150


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How does my child become eligible to join the choir?



¯  Interested children in grades 2 - 9th must participate in an informal audition.

¯  Naturally, we are recruiting children who exhibit a pleasant singing voice, readiness for this experience and show their pleasure in singing.  

¯  A particularly musically inclined 1st grader who also reads well may audition.

¯  Conservatory staff ready to conduct a stress-free & child-friendly 10 minute audition







Children who sing in the CRMC Youth Choir will —


¯  adopt good habits of a healthy singing technique


¯  acquire the musical fluency needed to understand & interpret the finest music composed & arranged for children's voices


¯  master a varied repertoire which expands the children's musicianship & awareness of many musical styles and cultures


¯  discover the joy & beauty of ensemble singing in a fun environment